February 15, 2011

The Email That Made My Day!

I'm not sure how I came across her blog but somehow I did and I'm so thankful. In my search for blogs to motivate me I found this one--Plus+Runner (make sure to check out her page entitled BEEN THERE. DONE THAT.)

Let me tell you that Sallie is an increbile athlete and an even more incredible woman. In my email to her I expressed how inspiring her blog was and how greatful I was to have found it. I explained my concerns about not being able to finish the race and about my complex about being the "biggest girl" there. This was so her response:

Nery -
You are so very sweet to write that :)  Thank you so much for your note...

I'm very very excited that you're running your first half. Remember that you've done the hard work and the race is really the best part of it.  Your weight might distinguish you from the pack, but it does it in so many ways you can't imagine.  You've likely trained more diligently than most "normal" sized people. Your training has also been harder!!  And though you may not be the fastest person there, you will have beat the dozens who didn't show up for that race - and the millions who never dream to try.  Size doesn't limit our ability to run - as long as we listen to our body, take care of ourselves, and train right. 

I'm glad you've been inspired - but it's reading comments from readers like you who remind me why I started the blog in the first place.  You've really made my day - so thank YOU! 

Sallie, you made my day as well!! Thank you for making me realize that although the race hasn't even started, I've already won!

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