March 28, 2011

My Life Since the Half Marathon...

Wow, I can't believe its been SO long since I last posted. I could've sworn its been 2 weeks tops, but no it has been 26 days! Normally, after a long absence there is not much to report. That however, is not the case this time around. I have so much to share with you guys, there's been struggles, achievements, recipes and even GREAT news that I need to share! I'm going to try to break each of those down into different posts. They each deserve their individual attention. In the mean time, I am alive and feeling GREAT.

Keep an eye out for posts to follow.

March 2, 2011

What did you do Wednesdays!

This one will be nice and simple this week:

  • I completed a half marathon.
It's going to be tough for me to top that! :)

What have you done to make you feel PROUD?

*Take part in the Wednesday posts, here are the directions:*
1. Watch The Biggest Loser Tuesday nights.
2. Post comments on my blog/FaceBook about what you did on Wednesday (or over the last week) that has made you proud of yourself. (Bloggers feel free to use the idea as well and link up).
It could be ONE thing or a number of things.

I freaking did it!

(Started writing on Monday 2/28/2011)
On Sunday I attempted was my attempt at my first half marathon and......

                   I freaking did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I still can't believe it and I think I may still be high on endorphins! I did not complete it in the time that I was hoping but at the end of the day I still completed a half marathon. I ran and walked for 13.1 miles. I completed what many have never attempted. I DID IT, and I have the shirts and beautiful medal to prove it :)

I must say, Disney's Princess Half Marathon is truly a wonderful event. It was so well organized, it was fun and it was certainly difficult. I wish I could describe exactly how I felt...even now I'm still not certain. I think I might actually still be high on my endorphins LOL. One thing is for sure, I have never, ever felt so empowered in my entire life! What is even more amazing to me is that during the entire race, I had such a clear mind. I was focused, and I was determined to finish and I did. I never once (ok maybe once) doubted myself. I just kept moving forward and didn't look back. Every ounce of sweat, tears and PAIN was all worth it the minute I crossed that finish line and saw everyone who was there to support me and getting the texts from my brother and my sister-in-law that came in literally the second I finished. My Brother quickly reminded me to let this experience serve as inspiration for the future and a lesson to never doubt myself again. I am very fortunate to have such an incredible support system that helped me get through this race (and anything I do). I am truly grateful to have such wonderful and caring people in my life.

On a side note: before the race there was a fellow princess who had this written on the back of her shirt:
"And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us." Hebrews 12:1"

I quickly shared my new found knowledge with my Husband and I knew I was standing behind her for a reason. I needed to read that at that precise moment. It filled me with confidence and I carried that confidence for the entire race. God works in mysterious way and He was definitely at work at 4:30 in the morning on Sunday making sure that I listened to what he had to say.

As memorable as Sunday was, some of it feels like a blur. I can't believe it came and it went. Yet, things will ever be the same. This one day, has forever changed me. I finally saw in myself what my husband, my family and my friends have seen in me this entire time. I am strong, I am determined, and I'm certainly not a quitter. I can do anything I set my mind to. I'm here to tell you that if I can do this there is no reason why you can't accomplish your own goals. If there's something you want, something you really want go out there and get it! Stop the excuses, get off your ass, put in the work and GO GET IT, because if I can (and I CAN) anybody can.

Now on a softer note, enjoy some of my favorite pictures from Sunday :)

February 22, 2011

Half Marathon Info

Fairytales do come true. One mile at a time.

Disney's Princess Half Marathon Weekend brings women of all ages together to participate in a magical event designed just for them. The Disney Princesses are the inspiration for the weekend's events and will focus on the attributes every princess possesses: commitment, courage, determination, fantasy, perseverance, and strength.

There comes a time in every woman's life when she must blaze her own trail. A time when she has to run, not from an evil stepmother, but to her moment of glory. A day when the true princess inside of her shines through. The time has come for Nery!
The event will take place at the WALT DISNEY WORLD® Resort in Florida on a new date – February 25-27, 2011, and is set to celebrate the women who prove that anything is possible in life's fairytale. 

So, dust off those glass running slippers and get set for an experience nothing short of happily ever after! 
(Disney words not mine LOL)

This Sunday 2/27/11, I'm going to attempt my first Half Marathon (13.1 miles). I have to maintain a 16 minute per mile pace in order to be allowed to finish the race. I am not sure if I can do that yet but I know I am going to give it everything I've got. You all have been there and supporting me as I try to lose weight. I was unsure if I should remind everyone that the race was this weekend, so incase I failed not everyone would have it fresh in their minds. I decided however, if I don't finish; that's ok. You all are going to support me regardless. I'm doing this to prove to myself what I'm made of. So I'm giving it a shot! I also want all of you to be a part of it. 
For my out of towners I was made aware that you can track my progress via texts/emails. Here is how to sign up for that:
Nery Tracker (<--Click)
For those of you in town who would like to wake up extremely early on Sunday to be part of the race, here are the Spectator details (I will not know my start time until I go to the expo this Saturday):
Spectator Info (<--Click)
After the race, we'll probably go have lunch somewhere in the area. I'll have to see what's a good place to go and I'll keep you posted.
I know the race is extremely early, and I totally understand if you can't make it (especially since most of you are in Miami..LOL) what I do ask though that you pray that God gives me (and my legs) the strength and the courage to finish this race!
I'm still ironing out the details and my nerves. I have included the course so you can understand why I'm so nervous!! LOL
Course (<-- Click)
Thanks everyone for all the support and motivation you've given me. Thank you for your prayers. God willing I'll be emailing/blogging  a picture of the medal I got at the FINISH LINE! Regardless of what happens, I'm leaving every ounce of energy on the course. I know now that I am capable of finishing it, maybe not in Disney's time but I certainly CAN do it.
The best support you can give me are your thoughts and prayers! Wish me luck!!

February 16, 2011

What did you do Wednesdays?!

I almost forgot!! Ok, I practically did considering that there is less than an hour left of the day. So it's that time of the week where you take time to brag about yourself. Share with yourself or others about the great things you did over the last week that have made you proud of yourself. Here is an overview of mine:

  • I lost 2lbs (23 more before my first milestone)!
  • I walked 11 miles on Saturday!
  • I'm proud of how I'm keeping up with my blog.
  • I'm proud of my new found confidence.
  • I'm excited about going to Miami to help my brother and my sister-in-law with their baby shower and I get to see my Godson. (OK, I didn't really do something BUT I'm excited!).
Check out my brother and my sister-in-law, aren't they gorgeous?!

Here's my very handsome Godson! I can't wait to love on him this weekend!

What have you done today to make you feel PROUD?

Happy Wednesday and have an active/healthy rest of the week!

*Take part in the Wednesday posts, here are the directions:*
1. Watch The Biggest Loser Tuesday nights.
2. Post comments on my blog/FaceBook about what you did on Wednesday (or over the last week) that has made you proud of yourself. (Bloggers feel free to use the idea as well and link up).
It could be ONE thing or a number of things.

February 15, 2011

The Email That Made My Day!

I'm not sure how I came across her blog but somehow I did and I'm so thankful. In my search for blogs to motivate me I found this one--Plus+Runner (make sure to check out her page entitled BEEN THERE. DONE THAT.)

Let me tell you that Sallie is an increbile athlete and an even more incredible woman. In my email to her I expressed how inspiring her blog was and how greatful I was to have found it. I explained my concerns about not being able to finish the race and about my complex about being the "biggest girl" there. This was so her response:

Nery -
You are so very sweet to write that :)  Thank you so much for your note...

I'm very very excited that you're running your first half. Remember that you've done the hard work and the race is really the best part of it.  Your weight might distinguish you from the pack, but it does it in so many ways you can't imagine.  You've likely trained more diligently than most "normal" sized people. Your training has also been harder!!  And though you may not be the fastest person there, you will have beat the dozens who didn't show up for that race - and the millions who never dream to try.  Size doesn't limit our ability to run - as long as we listen to our body, take care of ourselves, and train right. 

I'm glad you've been inspired - but it's reading comments from readers like you who remind me why I started the blog in the first place.  You've really made my day - so thank YOU! 

Sallie, you made my day as well!! Thank you for making me realize that although the race hasn't even started, I've already won!

February 13, 2011

Just Pace Yourself

On Saturday at 7am sharp just as I ate my last cracker with cream cheese Amanda arrived decked out in her running gear ready to instill all of her knowledge and initiate me into the "runner's" club. Naturally, I was nervous. I'm not really a runner, but I want to be...I think. I haven't properly trained, I'm not at the weight I should've been by now, and HELLO did I mention she's a marathoner?! I was so worried that I would embarass myself infront of her. (SIDE NOTE: Amanda is an awesome and supportive friend who was already proud of me before we even started, clearly irrational unlike me LOL).

I woke up several times through out the night in fear that I would over sleep. When it the alarm finally went off, I woke up (after a few snoozes), tuned into the local news and was informed that it was 41 degrees!! Great...just great!! Immediately I told myself that this was going to be a sucky run since its so hard for me to run in the cold (I work best in the summer). I immediately psyched myself out. To some extent I lived up to the very expectation that I so early on set for myself.

Before we left I drank my anti-inflammatory medication to that my knee wouldn't bother me. (NOTE TO SELF: Drink the medicine at least an hour before activity so that it takes effect). Amanda asked if I wanted to do 4&1's or 5&1's (4/5 minutes running, 1 minute walking) and I went with the 4&1's. She plugged in all the info into her handy dandy running watch (pic below) and we were off.

This watch is quite the gadget!! It tracks your pace, your distance, heart rate and notifies you when its time to switch from running to walking. It was awesome!

Unfortunately there was not a lot of running...I had to walk way before we even hit the first mile. Between the temperature, an achy knee, and my self doubt I had to result to walking. I was mad for giving up on myself so quickly. So from that point on we walked, but that's ok. During our walk I opened up to Amanda about my fears, my frustrations with my weight loss, and how my mind seems to always win the battle. It was a long walk in which there was pain, crying, laughter, advice given and taken, a deepening of friendship and a true moment of enlightenment. The walk finished a lot better than it started and I think I came back a different person.

There was a moment on on our way back that I will never forget. Amanda was sharing her story from when she first started running and how difficult it was for her. During one of her first runs she lost all control of her breathing and was finding it hard to finish. Then she took a moment and told herself  that "If Jesus had the strength to endure getting nailed to the cross there is no reason why I can't do this!" When she said that something inside of me changed. She was so right! That statement holds very true in my heart and its something that I will try to live by in everything that I do.

On Saturday I walked 10.7 miles (we can round up and say 11 miles LOL) and here are a couple of things that I learned:
  • I learned that, I'm doing this half marathon for ME. No one asked me to do it. If I don't finish/don't do it I'm not upsetting or disappointing anyone.
  • I learned that, if I don't finish that's OK because I know damn well that I CAN do it. I wasn't sure before but now I know.
  • I learned that my pacing on Saturday was 18.23, I need to do it in 16 mins per mile. I need to pace myself better. I may not be able to do it on Disney time but I can definitely do it on Nery time!
  • I learned that, I may doubt myself a lot but I am much more capable than I give myself credit for.
  • I learned that, I may not have ran on Saturday but I did not quit. I completed an 11 mile walk!
  • I learned that, "I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me" (Philippians 4:13).
It may sound cliche but I rediscovered who I was on Saturday and I like who I found. Its a marathon not a sprint and my journey is far from over.  Come 2/27/2011 I am going to celebrate whether or not I am allowed to cross the finish line. For over a year I've been on this journey and I will never be the same woman again. Attempting this race proves that. So on that day, I will say a prayer, take a deep breath, turn my music on and just pace myself.

February 10, 2011

What a day(s)!

It's almost Friday! Can you feel it?? I sure can! The past two days have been very stressful at work. There is so much to do and not enough hours in the day to get everything done. The worse part is that work sometimes tends to sneak into my personal life. When that happens my workouts are the ones that suffer. It's hard to be selfish and concentrate on yourself when your work life requires more of you. However, even though work can sometimes be overwhelmingly stressful I am still very grateful that God has kept me employed.

When we're not stressed out we have lots of great moments at work and I have GREAT co-workers. As a matter a fact one of the highlights of my day happened at work. It was a comment from my co-worker Christine. I was in her office and she thought she saw something on my arm, when I flexed my arm to see what she was talking about she stated that I had nice and toned arms! Ah ha! Can you imagine my excitement to hear a compliment that anything in my body is "toned"? Especially my arms, I've work hard on them. Thanks Hilarie!!!

Here's an old picture of me/my arms:

I need to take a current picture for comparison. I notice most of the change in my strength. I know I'd said it a hundred times but it is amazing what your body is capable of doing when you put it to work.

On another note, I received final instructions/information for the half marathon. Just seeing the email sitting in my inbox, I automatically got nervous. I'm really going to attempt this aren't I? Luckily, my great friend Amanda (a marathoner) is going to meet with me on Saturday and give me some tips and help me work on my pacing. I'm hoping her running fairy dust rubs off on me. I value her opinion greatly and I'm looking forward my longest run (10.6 miles), until the half marathon that is. Oh Lord, please let me finish that!
Here's the route for the half marathon. Since I don't know how to convert my route thats in a PDF format to a picture file, I just copied this route from last years race. It appears to be the same route.

Isn't that scary? LOL Well we shall see 16 days to go! I'll keep you all posted in the mean time! Hope you all had a great day today!

February 9, 2011

What did you do Wednesdays?!

It's that time again!! The time to look over the past week and think about all the things that you have done that have made you proud of yourself. It is so easy to think about our inadequacies, our flaws, and our feelings of failure and we never truly take the time to celebrate our personal victories. I too am a victim of not celebrating my successes. I started doing these posts, as a result of the motivation I gain after watching The Biggest Loser. It  always makes me want to push harder and do more to achieve success on my journey. However, sometimes I feel as if the contestants have so much to be proud of and I don't. I was so wrong; I have plenty to be proud of. I'm sure you all do as well. We just need to take the time to realize those accomplishments we attain everyday! These are mine:
  • I'm proud that I have kept up with my blog/Wednesday posts.
  • I'm proud that I hit 50 followers on my blog! That's so exciting!
  • I'm proud that I completed a 5K last week (well 2 if you count my practice run)
  • I'm proud that I'm mentally/physically preparing myself for the half marathon (and that I haven't chickend out).
  • I'm proud that I have been keeping up with logging in my calories.
  • I'm proud that I'm almost done with my Masters program in Education.
  • I'm proud of the great weekend I had with my Husband and Mom/Grandma.
  • I'm proud of how hard I'm working at my job even though it doesn't feel like I'm catching up.
That's it for now! What have you done to make you feel PROUD?

*Take part in the Wednesday posts, here are the directions:*
1. Watch The Biggest Loser Tuesday nights.
2. Post comments on my blog/FaceBook about what you did on Wednesday (or over the last week) that has made you proud of yourself. (Bloggers feel free to use the idea as well and link up).
It could be ONE thing or a number of things.


February 8, 2011

Sometimes you just gotta know!

Hello again! Are you proud of how often I'm posting :-D

Today I used one of my favorite motivational tools This is a snap shot of what I look like now at a current weight of 264.2 (I know I gained a lot back) and what I would look like at 185 lbs.


Sometimes you just need a little reminder of what you're fighting for. I remember!!! I want to look like that, or close to it. Although 185 is not my stopping point I can't wait to look like that! I just have to remember  that although my body isn't always appreciative of what I'm doing for it; I can't stop. Not now, or ever this is a race without a finish line. For the rest of my life I have exercise and make healthy choices. That's a scary thought, I know. "Forever" is a little scary in any context but if it brings happiness, "forever" is the best description. So, like my marriage, I'm in this FOREVER.

Our bodies are our greatest instruments and we're supposed to take care of them. I haven't done that but luckily it's not too late to reverse the damage I've done, and that's what I intend to do. Who's in.

Special thanks for my friend Denise for the great conversation we had on this topic! :-D


February 7, 2011

Let the races begin!

Hello again! This Saturday I completed my first 5K of 2011, the Lady Track Shack 5K. I had a rough morning so my run didn't quite live up to my expectations, but that's ok. This 5K marked the one year anniversary of my first 5K ever! I must say bad run or not the difference is remarkable. I felt like a totally different person in this race than I did a year ago. This past week my my friend Erin did a practice 3 mile run and we finished it with in 45-48 minutes including chat time. So I know what I'm capable of which is why I wasn't upset with my time. Here are some pictures from Saturday's race:

I finished the race with this remarkable woman. We motivated each other through out the race trying to keep up with each other.
Ran with my friend Erin. She rocked the 5K and accomplished her goal time!

Here's a couple pictures from the Lady Track Shack 5K in 2010:

My time in 2010: 58:11
My time in 2011: 50:54

On another note my half marathon is in 20 days! 20!! I can't believe it. This weekend my Mom got me my running shirt and I got pants for $4.50! Whoo!! The outfit is all picked out. Now all I need is confidence. Anyone know where I can pick some of that up? I'm all out! I need the confidence to believe that I can finish it. I must admit, the thought of not completing the half marathon is consuming me. I know I didn't prepare well enough to run the whole thing and that's ok. I just want to finish it. I will be mortified if I cannot maintain my pace and get hauled away.

I set this goal for myself SO long ago. At this point I was supposed to be 90-100 lbs lighter and ready to start a family at the completion of the race. Although that is not the case at this point; I am still going to give this half marathon a try. I'm not backing out of this challenge. If I can't finish it, well then I can't. There's always next year, but I can't not do it and then forever wonder if I was capable of it. If I pull this off it will be the greatest test of my endurance and the biggest accomplishment of my life. Right now I'm concentrating on eating healthy, working out, running and mentally preparing myself for the run. Mental preparation is just as important as physical preparation. It astounds me how negative I can be while running. My mind constantly tells me that I can't do it, that I'm too tired, that I'm too overweight, that I'm incapable yet, as I'm thinking all of this...I'm still going, my legs are still moving, and I'm still running, then suddenly I stop. The negative thoughts take over and I have to push myself to overcome them. It's a vicious cycle! Why are we more apt to accept failure in our lives that success?  Is it because success leads to the unknown? What do you think?

"Runners just do it - they run for the finish line even if someone else has reached it first."  ~Author Unknown

"Only think of two things - the gun and the tape.  When you hear the one, just run like hell until you break the other."  ~Sam Mussabini

February 3, 2011

Remembering what's important...

I came accross an old email that my husband and I saved. The email is now probably at least 6 years old. We've had it posted in order to to read it constantly and live by it's powerful words. However, in the hectic lives that we lead though seeing it often I can't even remember how many times I've actually re-read it. Words that I found worthy enough to hang in a place where I'd appreciate them...I don't. Today, however it caught my eye. I took a moment and I read them. I remembered all over again why it is we've kept it posted in our homes since the day it hit our inbox. So here it is:


1. Wake Up!!
Decide to have a good day.
"Today is the day the Lord hath made; let us rejoice and be glad in it."
Psalms 118:24

2. Dress Up!!
The best way to dress up is to put on a smile. A smile is an inexpensive way to improve your looks.
"The Lord does not look at things man looks at. Man looks outward appearance; but the Lord looks at the hear."
I Samuel  16:7

3. Shut Up!!
Say nice things and learn to listen. God gave us two ears and one mouth, so He must have meant for us to do twice as much listening as talking.
"He who guards his lips guards his soul."
Proverbs 13:3

4. Stand Up!!
For what you believe in. Stand for something or you will fall for anything.
"Let us not be weary in doing good; for at the proper time, we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good..."
Galatians 6:9-10

5. Look Up!!
To the Lord.
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."
Philippians 4:13

6. Reach Up!!
For something higher.
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path."
Proverbs 3:5-6

7. Lift Up!!
Your prayers.
"Do not worry about anything; instead PRAY ABOUT EVERYTHING."
Philippians 4:6

Reading this today really made me remember what's important in life. Without faith nothing is possible and I am in a journey that requires a lot of faith and prayers. This old email helped me realize that all over again.

February 2, 2011

Just Dance!

Ever since I was a little girl I loved to dance. I even thought I would be a professional dancer one day! HA!!! That obviously didn't happen. However, on Thursdays I go to Zumba and for an hour I sweat it out to some awesome music. I pretend if even for a little while that I am a dancer, not just any dancer but a darn good one at that.

It's hard at first to get used to what Zumba entails. It's fast movements, hip swaying and booty shaking. Since I have always been overweight those are movements that I would avoid at all costs. I would never purposely expose myself to the possibility of being ridiculed. However, at Zumba I DO NOT CARE! I absolutely love it. No one there has come to class to make fun of you or judge you, they are just there to dance and work out in. Sometimes, it really amazes me the things you can do when you let your guard down and just dance!

Now let me tell you a little bit about our instructor Terry. Aside from the fact that she rocks as an instructor; she does her Zumba class in intervals where she brings the heart rate up and down. Making it easier to really focus on the moves and tuning into the music. She also incorporates different international styles of dancing. You find yourself dancing to music/rhythms you have never heard of. She is also makes the moves easy to learn and her classes are never intimidating. If you're in the area come check it out! For details click HERE.

The video that I posted is our cool down/stretching song. At the end of each class I always feel a big sense of accomplishment however this song just brings it home! It may be silly to some, but it is so inspiring to me! Listen carefully to the words and is so hard sometimes and when you feel like nothing is going right just remember to take a deep breath and JUST DANCE!

What did you do Wednesdays?!

Here we are again. It's Wednesday! Time to talk about what you've done over the past week that has made you proud of yourself.

I'm proud of myself for:

1. Signing up for a 5K. Its been a long time since I last did one. My last 5K was not a great experience so I'm hoping to get back out there and have a good run. I'm hoping this will give me the ego boost I need to get me focused on the half marathon. If you're in the Orlando area and would like to patricipate in it. click HERE.

2. Staying on top of my house chores. Our home looks beautiful!! :)

3. Trying to work out harder. I'm ready for more results. This week's weigh in was not as joyous as last weeks so it's time to pick it up a notch!

4. Having a nice girls shopping day with my Mom and Grandma on Sunday.

5. Keeping up with my Wednesday blog posts. Two weeks in a row now!! :)

That's it for me. What about you?

What have you done today to make you feel PROUD?

*Take part in the Wednesday posts, here are the directions:*
1. Watch The Biggest Loser Tuesday nights.
2. Post comments on my blog/FaceBook about what you did on Wednesday (or over the last week) that has made you proud of yourself. (Bloggers feel free to use the idea as well and link up).

It could be ONE thing or a number of things.

January 26, 2011

What did you do Wednesdays?!

I am such a big fan of the show The Biggest Loser. I am a fan for so many reasons, however I think the main reason is for the way that the contestants motivate me. Hearing about their stories and everything they've faced in life and having a front row seat as they "work out" their obstacles and regain their lives is so inspirational. It is such a great show and in a world where all you hear about are greed, violence, and sex it is so refreshing to have a show like this available. Before the show even starts I am already engaged and captivated by their theme song. The words are amazing! Check them out HERE. So in honor of The Biggest Loser and for the countless contestants that have motivated me on my journey I want to institute "What did you do Wednesdays?!"

Here are the directions:

1. Watch The Biggest Loser Tuesday nights.

2. Post comments on my blog/FaceBook about what you did on Wednesday (or over the last week) that has made you proud of yourself.

It could be ONE thing or a number of things.

It is easy to be proud of others however we often neglect to take a minute and think about what we've done to make ourselves proud.

I hope to keep this up every week. Next week I'll try to start the post earlier but I did just think about it :)

Today the things I did that made me proud of myself are:

1. I continued to keep the attitude of being grateful for my job and I was rewarding for it.

2. I completed two boot camp work outs.

3. I kept my promise to blog more often.

So I ask you now...What have you done today to make you feel proud?

Tell me what you want, what you really really want!

In my friend's blog (go and check it out here) she said "I am tired of getting dressed, looking in the mirror and saying, "Well, I guess this is as good as it's going to get today."  I want to be able to throw on any outfit that I pick out from the closet, and I want to wear it confidently!" That has really stuck to me. I do that ALL the time, and guess what? It SUCKS! I don't want to do that anymore. Her post inspired me to list reasons why I'm working on losing weight.

1. I want the person inside me to reflect on the outside.
                   -It doesn't right now.
2. I want to have children
                   -I really really want to be a Mom.
3. I want to feel confident when walking into a room with my head held high.
                   -I don't, I actually panic when I have to meet new people.
4. I want to be able to not dread getting invited to the beach or a pool party.
                   -The worst words EVER "pool party".
5. I want to be a role model to my family and friends.
                   -I want to show them it’s possible to achieve things that seem impossible.
6. I want to be proud of the person I see in the mirror.
                   -This has improved but there's still work to do.
7. I want to honor the body God intended me to have.
                   -Our bodies are meant to be treated like a temple and unfortunately I've failed at that.
8. I want to enjoy shopping for clothes.
                   -Outside of the PLUS section.
9. I want to have a healthy future and lifestyle.
                   -My parents had health issues and I'm trying to change my future.
10. I want to see in myself what everyone else see's in me now.
                   -I hope that one day I will.

I'm working on achieving these goals and becoming the person I was meant to be. The more I learn about myself the more I hope I can inspire change in others in sharing that knowledge. I look forward to the day where I have accomplished my goals. I look forward to the day I can lead community work outs and show others the wealth of knowledge I gained and be living proof that it CAN be done and with hard work ANYTHING is possible.

Are you on a weight loss journey also? If so, what is it that you want out of it?

Side Note: I started this post on Monday. It was on Monday that I found out I lost 5lbs in a week. I am very excited about it and I am praying and hoping that my thyroid medication is working and finally weight loss will be become a little less challenging. Please pray for me that this is the case.

January 20, 2011

This is one bugg I love!

Have you ever used a bodybugg? I am a HUGE fan of The Biggest Loser and I've wanted a bodybugg since I started watching the show. Unfortunately, they are not exactly...budget friendly shall we say? However, recently my fellow boot camper and partner for boot camp's Biggest Winner Ultimately Thinner Contest let me borrow hers. I have been using it for the past two weeks and let me tell you it is VERY addicting. After a workout I can not wait to go home and plug it in to see what my burn was. It is such a beneficial tool to have when you are working towards your weight loss goals. The software allows you to track the calories of the foods you eat as well as what you burn.

Although I'm not keeping it forever, I have a good idea of what my body does and how hard I need to work in order to lose weight. My caloric burn has varied between 1300-2300 calories. Erin let me borrow it for an extra week to see if now that I'm on my thryoid medication the number of calories I burn increase, thus maybe solving the mystery of my struggles with the scale?? I sure hope so! ::cross your fingers::

I can't wait to see how much more I can burn this week :)

January 18, 2011

Believe it or not...

Believe it or not; I'm alive! LOL. It has been WAY to long since my last post. So much to catch up on, yet I almost just want to start fresh.

Here's the scoop. I did what I've said time and time again I wouldn't do. When I was not facing success on my weight loss journey I avoided the blog. It's embarassing for me to really talk about my struggles. I know I shouldn't be but I am. I've had a rough couple of months (weight loss wise because I had a GREAT holiday season) and I've gained more than I care to share at this point. It's hard when you see what you've worked so hard to achieve slip through your fingers. Some of it has been through no fault of my own and a lot of it very much my fault.

As much as I feel that I know what I'm doing sometimes I feel as if I know nothing. There's nothing worse than doing something that you know VERY well you shouldn't be doing. They say that ignorance is bliss and maybe sometimes it might be. I, however have the tools and knowledge and don't always take advantage of it. As you know I've struggled with my hormone levels and it has slowed down my weight loss and I think I might've have just fallen into a bit of a "funk." Not to mention so did all the deliciousness of the holidays. My knee has also been bothering me a lot which slowed me down. Luckily, I got it checked out and with treatment it will get better and I am already starting to feel better.

Yesterday I found out that my thyroid levels are off as well. I was put on medication and I hope that this is the missing piece of the puzzle that will get me to lose weight "normally." I'm excited for the New Year and all that it brings with it. I am very optimistic and I'm back to having the attitude that nothing will get me down and nothing will get in the way of my hard work.

Aside from all my setbacks I still had a very successful year. I have never had a new year's resolution last as long as it has and obstacles or not I will continue to strive for success. Today a little over a year later I physically see the changes I've made and I feel like a different person. I have grown and learned so much about myself and I continue to learn about myself. I can't believe the strength and the will power I had (have) inside of me just waiting to get out. When I compare what I was able to do at Boot Camp when I first started a year ago to today it's amazing. Here's a preview of what I've been up to over the last year.

Boot Camp has truly been a blessing. It's changed my life forever. From the self discoveries, to the knowledge gained to the friendships made. Words will never truly express the gratitude for all the pain, sweat, tears, and smiles that HDFitPro provided and will continue to provide. If nothing else Boot Camp has provided the best of friends a girl can ever ask for. 

There's so much I've wanted to share over the past couple of months and just never wrote about it. Sometimes as I was cooking I pictured myself having a "Carrie Bradshaw" moment where I saw myself at my lap top typing away and providing you with the most insightful and witty words that will make you totally relate to me.

I don't ever want to abandon my blog for as long as I have. I hope that I can continue to inspire as you have said that I have. I thank you all for all the kind words and emails I have received. I still can't imagine how someone like me can motivate and inspire change but I am very grateful and humbled by it.

I thank God for the abundance of blessings that 2010 brought to me. I pray that 2011 will bring just as many. I know I am late but what are your hopes for 2011?

(I apologize if this post seems as if I'm rambling, it's getting late and I'm a bit drowsy already. LOL)

Until next time, I leave you with the infamous words of Carrie Bradshaw, "As we drive along this road called life, occasionally a gal will find herself a little lost. And when that happens, I guess she has to let go of the coulda, shoulda, woulda, buckle up and just keep going.