June 2, 2010

I did it!!!

I have met my immediate goal that I mentioned in my last post. That goal was to get out of the 250's and I today I achieved that! Whooo!!!

I have had that goal since mid April and I was very frustrated that I had not been able to meet it. I found out last week that my progesterone level dropped yet again which explains the Yo-Yo I've been experiencing. Once I realized what the issue was I decided I was not going to continue to allow my hormone to be the reason I don't see success on the scale (after a couple of melt downs of course). My friend and fellow Boot Camper Denise and I both had the same goal and which was to get out of the 50's in our respective weight range by May 31st. We both met our goals (mine was just a couple of days late which I blame on my "Cuban time").

So here it is proof of my new weight:

It is not the best picture but it shows what I need it to show. Now that I've met my goal I have so many things I want to post about :)

Next goal: To get out of the 240's!! Don't worry I'll post in the mean time!

Total weight loss to date:
28.2lbs since Jan. 2010
35.6lbs since Apr. 2009