October 18, 2010

Weekend, where art thou?

This weekend was wonderful and I'm so sad it went by so quickly. Saturday started with a morning Boot Camp workout and it was the perfect way to start the day. It was then followed with garage sale hoping with friends and Mom and Grandma. The day was then followed by mass and a dinner date at Panera's with the Hubby. Which BTW fun fact (its new for me) Panera's now lists their calories on the display menu. :)

Sunday the hubby and I completed a restoration project. I am absolutely thrilled with the way it came out. Check it out what do you think?


We then went to Wekiva Springs State Park for our first picnic ever. Sunday was a gorgeous day and we enjoyed every minute of it. Here are some pics of our picnic and nature walk.

I hope every one had a great weekend!! :)

October 11, 2010

Hello again 240's!/Healthy You Challenge

I am finally starting my Healthy You Challenge (click and check out Scale Junkie's challenge).

My husband and I are following advice of a great couple we met in Boot Camp. Andrea and Kahlil shared with us that they usually weigh themselves on Mondays and Thursdays; pre and post weekend so they can keep a good track of how they are over the weekend. Manny and I thought that was a fabulous idea and we started that routine today.

I am proud to say that I have lost 7lbs from the 10 I've gained. I'm almost back to my lowest weight to date. At my last weigh in I was at 255. Today I weighed in at 248.4 (I've been updating my Weigh Ins page). Whoo hoo!! I have to give most of the credit to the ass kickings that I've been receiving at Boot Camp. The soreness and the pain have reflected on the scale today so I'll take it :)

Until next time folks and again thank you for reading. Your comments are so motivational!

October 1, 2010

I just had to share!

Today I received an email from a great friend.

Subject: This is you!!!
Punch that junk food in the face!!! In the face.

How awesome is that?!?! You made my day Denise!

September 29, 2010


Momentum can only get you so far. It's exciting to start new things but how do you stick to it? This is the longest I've ever been committed to losing weight. This has been the only time its "worked." My journey is far from over however, things feel blurry. I can't seem to focus. I'm hoping this will soon end because I do not have time to waste. There so much depending on my success and for once I cannot let myself down.

Part of my problem as I was discussing with my husband the other day is that I really don't think I know how to self motivate. It's difficult to pat myself on the back and tell myself "you've got this," "who cares if you can't breathe finish the run," "who cares if you're in pain, push through" and actually believe it. Why is it easier to believe that you'll fail than to believe you'll succeed?

How do you stay focused? Doesn't necessarily have to be on weight loss but on any personal goals? Do you find it difficult to focus on yourself? I do. It's hard to juggle putting yourself first when you feel so many people/things are depending on you.

On your priority list, do you often come in last?

September 28, 2010

Back to the grind

I've been on vacation and so swamped lately that I've really neglected my now very beautiful blog. I am very thankful for all the comments I've received. Some of them have been so great and I'm working my way to replying to all of them. I have received more awards that I also have to post. Thanks to all of you that are still dropping in to check in on me. You hold me accountable.
Currently, I am in detox mode! I just came back from a cruise and a couple of months of loss of focus. All of which have cost me 10lbs!! That's right 10!! I couldn't believe it. That was then and this is now. I've come so far that I'm not going to let those 10lbs weigh me down ("weigh me down" hahaha). My spark people account has seen more action these past two days then it has in months. I will be updating my weight loss statuses and progress pics to keep track of my new progress. Here's a little spoiler pic from our cruise:

September 10, 2010

For me?

I officially have an award-winning blog! Whoohooo!! This is very exciting for a new blogger like me. I'd like to thank Donell author of She Shapes Up for the award! It was quite the surprise. Now I have to tell you seven things about myself and nominate seven blogs to receive the award. How fun! :)

1. I'm crazy about Christmas. It's hands down my favorite holiday! I think about Christmas all year long!I'm also a HUGE Disney fan! My husband and I have seasonal passes and I love that we can randomly go over the weekend. Disney at Christmas time is absolutely heavenly!
2. I'm going to be an aunt!! I have two special deliveries on the way! Can you imagine two babies to spoil?
3. I can honestly say "I love Boot Camp." Normally, I would've considered that statement an oxymoron. :)
4. Sometimes, I think I'm crazy for attempting a half marathon! Some how I convinced myself that it would be "fun." The truth is sometimes (ok many times) I think there's no way in hell I can do it. But I will! There's just no turning back now. I'm way too invested at this point. 13.1 miles here I come!
5. I can't believe that anyone finds me inspiring or motivating. It really blows my mind. I don't feel that I'm worthy of that honor but I must admit it truly is a great feeling when I'm told that.
6. I was born to be a Mom and when the time is right I will fulfill that role. I the mean time I will continue to work on what needs to be done for that to happen.
7. Sometimes I am very scared that I will never reach my goals. Deep down I know that will not happen but fear always lurks in. I am very grateful that God has provided with a great support system.

Enough about me! Now to the seven blogs I will pass this on to:
Life as a Cuban American Mama
My Stupid Weight Loss Blog
Watch My Butt Shrink
Reduced to Ashes
Scale Junkie
Confessions of a + Sized Girl

September 9, 2010

Scale Ban Review

Some of you may remember my scale ban. Let me just start by saying I really appreciate my scale a lot more than I ever did before. The scale holds my accountable. Although, it has not always reflected the hard work I've put it. It's not the scale's fault. I've just realized that the weight loss journey is not an easy one and it has not been easy for me. During the ban I found myself going backwards. I gave into temptations more than I ever had because I didn't have to report to the scale. For anyone who's on this journey you know how hard it is to lose the weight yet all so easy to gain it back. That's exactly what happened to me.

My husband actually noticed how off routine I became that he gave me the scale back to me a week earlier. The results were not great :-/

The good news is that I'm back to where I was before the scale ban and now its time to keep it off for good. August was not a good weight loss month. This month its going to be different! It's a new month, I have my scale, new found motivations, and a great looking new blog!! :)

I'm ready to increase the intesity at Boot Camp and run more than I've ever ran before. Who's with me?

September 7, 2010

Check it out!

Check out my new blog design. Let me know what you think!

Lots of updates/posts coming soon. I have the review of my scale ban, I've joined the Healthy You Challenge hosted by Scale Junkie, I have an update on my running struggles, etc. So much catching up to do. I hope I still have readers. Stay tuned! :)

Special thank to Laura of Laura Jane Designs. Thank you for all your hard work!!!

August 16, 2010

Face lift coming soon!

I'm super excited to announce that my blog is getting a face lift! I am working with Laura of Laura Jane Designs. Stay tuned for the changes! :)

Wet T-Shirts Results

I am very excited to share with you my Wet T-Shirt collection. So here they are ladies and gentlemen the brave souls who got off the couch, endured the heat and worked up a sweat!









If you didn't have a chance to turn in your picture or if you weren't motivated enough to get out there and work up a sweat I hope these pictures inspire you. There's no better time than the present. Follow their examples and  "Shut up and sweat!"

Check out the Shut Up & Sweat shirts from http://noexcuseswear.com/!! I hope to order myself a shirt in the near future!!

August 2, 2010

Level of Difficulty

Today, I had an awesome work out at Boot Camp. As I was working out I was really able to notice the physical difference in what I am able to do now versus what I was able to do in back in January.  I must admit the work outs have not gotten any easier, Hilarie continues to challange us yet I am able to push myself further. In doing so I still get sore...all the time! LOL

After my Boot Camp session Manny and I jogged as part of our half-marathon training. Today we completed 2 miles yesterday we completed 4 miles. To think back in January, I couldn't even power walk. It's such an amazing feeling to really see what your body is capable of doing. My level of difficulty have increased.

Here are some examples of the changes I've noticed in my form. I must give credit to Hilarie for giving me the idea for this post :)

 BEFORE                                                                                             AFTER   




I actually should have a straighter back on this one but its tough to plank on tile when you're sweaty! :)

I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for being a part of my journey. Your kind words are truly inpsiring me to continue to push forward. I hope that I can motivate you they way you've motivated me. Thank you for reading my blog :)

"Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person's physical, emotional, and mental states." ~Carol Welch

August 1, 2010

Who said healthy eating has to suck?

It's no secret that food can either greatly contribute to health issues or it can help you achieve great health. Knowing the difference is key when you're on your weight loss journey. I wanted to share some of the meals we've been having so that you can see healthy meals can taste with non of the guilt :)


Mango Salsa:
We had this on our chicken, with Wheat Thins/Triscuits and baked tortilla chips.

Barilla [Gold-higher protien] pasta with sauteed shrimp and onions cooked in white wine with shavings or parmesan cheese.

 Asian "Big-Bowl" salad

Mexican "Big-Bowl" salad
Note: That is non fat plain yogurt not sour cream.

Home made pizza! One was chicken sausage (organic) and onion the other was pesto (homemade) and tomato.
We used premade pizza dough from Publix. A special thanks to our great friend Denise who gave us the idea and the pesto recipe.

DISCLAIMER: I am no professional so there may be healthier alternatives to these meals.

This is why I say I'm not on a "diet." I very much enjoy our new healthy lifestyle. With meals like these who wouldn't?!

Feel free to comment/email me if you want recipes for any of these meals!

~"He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything." - Arabian Proverb